Inflammation...Ain't nobody got time for that!

Drum roll please................NOW AVAILABLE! Ginger and Turmeric Sauerkraut! kraut More and more research is now supporting the belief that chronic inflammation is a key player in almost every disease out there. As a preventative measure, an anti-inflammatory diet is one piece of the puzzle in preventing and curing such diseases. Our Sauerkraut blend is the perfect (PERFECT!) combination of two anti-inflammatory powerhouses, Turmeric and Ginger!  Let's not forget the fact that the fermented cabbage in our recipe is chalked full (we mean full) of that beneficial bacteria we so love to talk about. All you need is just a tablespoon a day! Mix it into a great salad, have it as a side at dinner time, or enjoy it straight up on it's own. It's delish and your body will thank you. Just Shut up and Try it! 375ml Jar: $10.00 email us to place your order:

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