Let's talk about inflammation

As we all know, inflammation is an important part of our natural repair process. Heat in the targeted area will help to kill off pathogens, white blood cells are attracted to the area etc. But did you know that chronic and low-grade inflammation can play a major role in the development of disease and other conditions such as arthritis and CVD? This is why we have developed this beauty: Ginger/Turmeric Sauerkraut an anti-inflammatory powerhouse!
Some well-known causes and contributors to inflammation include:
- dysbiosis (an imbalance in your good/bad ratio of bacteria in your gut)
- Leaky gut
- Allergies
- Sugar
- Damaged Fats (Keep them healthy and watch your cooking temp: ie) olive, coconut etc.
- Injury
The list goes on…
There are some very simple steps we can all follow however, to help keep that silent inflammation at bay:
- Low Sugar Diet
- Raw enzymes (Raw fruits and veg)
- Fiber
- Foods rich in flavonoids: ie) berries, dark leafy greens
- Omega 3 fatty acid foods or fish oils
- Diet rich in Quercetin (found in garlic and onions)
- Turmeric: Decreases inflammation
- Ginger: Decreases inflammation
- Vitamin D supplementation Oct – April
- Exercise
We smile every time we jar a new batch of our Ginger/Turmeric Sauerkraut because we know that it’s rich in powerful strains of probiotics (which will help with dysbiosis). It’s high in quercetin with garlic and onions being major ingredients. It’s high in fiber, enzymes, vitamins and minerals and does not contain refined sugar.  Furthermore, when foods are fermented it makes it that much easier to digest, absorb and assimilate the nutrients.
Layer it on a salad, enjoy it in a wrap or side dish or simply take a tablespoon daily.
Ginger and Turmeric Sauerkraut “why the kraut not!”
Order on line...
Just Shut Up and Try It! ;) 

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