4 Palatable Trends on the Rise

Raise your hand if you feel a certain degree of insult or guilt to health and wellness advice flooding our inboxes and social media pages these days. You’re educated and aware and know that movement is important, smoking will kill you and a balanced diet is key. You don’t need to be told because you already know and sometimes the reminders just make you feel, bad. Many share your sentiment, which is why saying goodbye to guilt-driven wellness and hello to sanity is one of the four health and wellness trends on the rise.


Health Trend #1: Goodbye Guilt, Hello Sanity

Growing up in the late 80’s/90’s with Kate Moss as a beauty and fashion icon       WAS. NOT. EASY. The ultra-thin “waif” look was in, which inevitably meant to a teenage girl that everything else, was out.

However, I had an advantage. I could turn off the TV or not buy the latest magazine and I would forget about it. Today we are bombarded with everything from an abundance of health and wellness posts to parenting advice and it’s not surprising that we are all starting to feel a degree of resentment.

Sometimes the kids eat junk food all weekend, the workout doesn’t happen and we sleep until noon.  Bottom line, for the sake of our sanity, sometimes we do have an excuse and that’s OK. Unfollow those who you don’t feel inspired by and keep on keeping on, with a routine and comfort level which works for you.

Health Trend #2 Hormone Awareness

More of us understand that "she’s feeling a little hormonal today” no longer just applies to one system of the body.  Hormones regulate many systems which display a wide range of symptoms in both men and women when our bodies are out of balance. It's considered empowering now, to know that our hormones can be controlled with the proper support of a medical professional. If we listen, our bodies speak to us when striving for homeostasis. We now know better and are no longer slaves to shrugging our shoulders and accepting anything less than health and comfort. 


Health Trend #3 Strong Minds/Strong Bodies

Now, more than ever women are changing the world. Strong voices and strong actions are inevitably mirrored by stronger bodies on the rise. Power, endurance and strength is important and there is never a bad time to start. Women and men at any age can build their muscle strength which will help to support them into their aging years. My teenage heart bursts for this strong body/stronger mind, influence. 

Health Trend #4 Fermented Foods, Fermented Everything.

It’s no surprise to us that gut health is also on the hot topic list. We are all aware of the benefits of consuming fermented foods. We do find it odd that a tradition so old is now considered to be a trend, but we will take it. From sauerkraut to fermented facemasks and dog treats, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to get on board with bacteria. Think of your gut as the control system for your whole body. You must keep it in working order. We can help 😉 when you're in the mood to try it. 


So, let go of the guilt, control, stay strong and continue eating your fermented foods. Ignore the noise and do inevitably in the end, what’s right, for you.


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