About Us

Since 2016, founders Marketa Mervart and Joanna Biafore have been making ferments and selling them online across Canada.

But, it all began with an old school fermentation crock,  and a shared passion for getting probiotic rich foods into our families. Building beneficial bacteria is a medicinal preventative to just about everything!

We believe in real food and a practical approach to preventing illness. We have witnessed reversed behavioural diagnosis, hormone balancing, removal of chronic inflammation and strengthened immune and digestive systems from just simply changing our diets.
Our entire line of ferments was created for the whole family to enjoy!

All of our products are raw, organic and small batch. Handcrafted in North Bay, Ontario.

From refreshing Jun to our own sassy spin on Sauerkraut, “Just Shut Up and Try it!” You can thank us later.

Joanna Biafore

Joanna Biafore is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), who is passionate about providing tailored nutritional counselling for the whole family. Joanna specializes in pediatric Nutrition and gut health.

Marketa Mervart

Marketa Mervart is a health and Fitness enthusiast who was raised in the Czech Republic on the ancient art and craft of fermentation. Marketa is currently studying to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)

Just Shut Up and Try It - Joanna & Marketa