Are YOU happy?

Brain fog? Depression? Irritability? Anxiety? Fatigue? Malaise?


How are YOU feeling? It’s important to ask yourself that question.

A little anxiety from time to time and even mild depression, is a hint sometimes that externally something is not quite right. But what if its all the time? Maybe your gut is trying to let you know it's time for a re-set, internally. 

It’s quite common this time of year for many of us to feel a little out of sorts. This Spring has been hard and eating locally is not an option. Our food is less nutrient dense, many of our vitamin D stores are depleted and our gut flora is not optimal. Unfortunately, this is a perfect recipe for a malaise and anxiety sandwich.

Please consider these facts for when you are just not feeling yourself. There is a communication that goes on between the brain and the gut. Significant stores of dopamine and the feel-good neurotransmitter, Serotonin are found in the gut. Furthermore, MOST of your Serotonin stores are produced IN THE GUT and feed off of PROBIOTICS.

To help with the production of those Serotonin stores, try working fermented foods into your regime (no it doesn’t have to be daily, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt you). Eating nutrient dense fermented food like Sauerkraut and Kimchi, are excellent sources of easily digested and ABSORBABLE vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

This spring take the time for yourself both internally and externally and enjoy these warmer months ahead. Finally. 


Just Shut Up and Try It. ;)

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