Calling All Mothers!

Calling All Mothers!!

May is for the moms so we have a special promotion just for you and, well, your kids too! 

This time of year, it does our hearts good to watch our children get dirty outside. It is just another natural way to strengthen the immune system 

While there is truth to the advice of handwashing, too much of anything is not good for you.  

The overuse of hand sanitizer has been linked to damage both our bad AND good bacteria leaving us wide open for the very virus and bacteria we are trying to avoid. 

So, what do we do? In addition to regular (not obsessive) hand washing with soap and water, we can work at boosting our immune system by building up our good and defensive bacteria.  

Expose yourself to animals. 

Walk in the rain and put your feet in the water.  

Eat a well-balanced diet, mostly plants 

Get plenty of rest. 

Exercise and get fresh air. 

Drink herbal tea. 

Remember your vitamin D. 

Try to stress less. Nothing is permanent.  

Eat your fermented foods…..Que Promo! 

For this month only with any purchase of Kimchi Kids OR Kimchi Kids Gut Tonic, you will receive a FREE bottle of Very Berry Jun. These are the tried-and-true favorites for the little ones which pack a mean probiotic, vitamin and mineral punch and remember FREE shipping with minimum purchase. 

Just Shut up and Try It!  



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