Clean and Clear the Air...

Ok witchy mamas, this one’s for you. Who’s up for a good smudging?

With cold and flu season just peeking right now, I thought a good burning of sage, frankincense and Myrrh was in order, otherwise known as “smudging”.

Growing up my mother taught my sisters and I about smudging to “clear the energy. She would burn sage in my house to increase wisdom, clarity and spiritual awareness. White sage grew at our family cottage where my mom would then dry and bundle it to use when needed. As a teenager and young adult I grew to understand that the ritual of smudging somehow always seemed to make me feel better if life threw me a curve ball as it does from time to time. It always gave me a sense of comfort.

What I learned later in life was that the word sage or Salvia comes from the Latin word which means “to Heal”.  Studies have shown that burning sage works as a “medicinal smoke” and will reduce airborne bacteria! With all the coughs and hacking going on around me, I wasted no time today and lit my bundle up! It was time to clean this stale mid-winter air.

But my fun didn’t end there. I also brought out my Frankincense and Myrrh! Oh today was indeed a parrrtayyy at this house! I burned them because of the MANY health benefits also associated with this pair we know so well. Some of them which include:

- anti-septic

- anti-fungal

- anti-depressant

- anti-microbial

- anti-viral

- immune booster

So, in the absence of anyone being around to make fun of me, I burned, cleaned and cleared the air and feel better for it. Bye, bye nasty germs.

Just Shut Up and Try ;)

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