If you're stuck in a rut, begin with your gut!

It always comes back to the gut. So many systems in our bodies are directly influenced by the state of our gut health such as 75% of our immune system.

Which is why we’re very excited to introduce our Probiotic Gut Tonics. Available in the three flavours you all know so well: Kimchi, Kimchi Kids and Ginger/Turmeric Sauerkraut.



Now you can nourish your cells with this nutrient dense 1oz shot of probiotic liquid.

Take daily or as needed to:

-          Help to restore your gut integrity

-          General gut maintenance

-          Before or after a big meal to improve digestion

-          When you travel

The list goes on…

$3.00 per shot OR 12 for $30

Available online Friday February 10, 2017

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