Love our Booch...Reason #1

FullSizeRender.jpg Kombucha is a naturally fermented and carbonated probiotic rich and YUMMY drink. Ours is made with green tea, local Ontario honey and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Reason #1 why you should just shut up and try it... It Aids in Digestion. The combination of PROBIOTICS, yeasts, and enzymes in Kombucha will help your digestive system break down food which will help with an even more important step of absorbing nutrients. Furthermore, the probiotics in the Kombucha (and fermented foods in general) will also help improve your digestive system by promoting a healthy gut flora. Stay regular friends... Just Shut up and Try it! 59fec50d27ca6ce45da22b04a47c4a38

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