Love our Booch....Reason #2

WEIGHT LOSS! (Not that we don't think you are GEORGOUS already, you beautiful people you ;) ) However, it doesn't hurt to understand why this is yet another reason to love our booch! Research has suggested that Kombucha will help to improve our metabolism and help to inhibit the storage of fat.  When our metabolism is working at its best, the rate at which we convert food into energy will increase! This, will in turn burns calories. Studies have also shown that acetic acid  found in Kombucha (and apple cider vinegar) can help to level spikes in blood sugar,  by interfering with the breakdown of sugar and starch. Lastly, Kombucha is also chalked full of vitamins. REAL vitamins not synthetic or from a bottle. Our bodies will always respond in the best of ways to what is real and recognizable, the way nature intended. So remember once again. This is not a magic bullet but yet another missing piece to a happy and healthy balanced LIFESTYLE. Just Shut up and Try it. IMG_0139

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