NOW AVAILABLE…1oz on-the-go Probiotic Gut Tonics! “Because your gut deserves a shot”

We get it. Regular consumption of fermented foods is not for everyone. Either it’s part of your daily routine, or it isn’t. But we have yet to give up on you!

With our NEW Probiotic Gut Tonics, you can enjoy the nutrient dense and gut healthy benefits in a variety of ways.  


First the why…

- Increase overall nutrition

- Promotes the growth of “friendly” and helpful gut bacteria

- Aids digestion

- Improves immune function

- Supports the increase in B vitamins and even vitamin K

- Digestive enzymes essential for many functions in the body

- Increases immune chemicals which help to fight off harmful bacteria

- Help to detoxify the colon

- Aid digestive disorders

- Help to improve mood

- Assist in weight loss

- Garlic, onions, cabbage, ginger, turmeric. That's why.

Once again, this list goes on.

Now the how…

The simple quick and easy way to use our Gut Tonic is to sip it on its own, as is. You can do this both on an empty stomach or before or after a big meal to help with digestion. If you suffer from heart burn, these small but mighty shots will help that too.

You can also:

- Use as a salad dressing! A little olive oil and a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup, then drizzle over your favourite combo of mixed greens.

- Spice up a Cesar. No we aren’t kidding.

- Use as flavouring on rice or quinoa.

- Take as a flu tonic a few times a day during the acute stage of a cold or as you feel one coming on.

- Replace your traditional hot sauce with our Spicy Kimchi and use as a condiment.

- Take for a quick “pick me up” if you suffer from the 3:00pm slump.

- Add it to your morning juice or smoothie.

- Take them on vacation and sip daily.

So, you see there ARE a variety of different ways you CAN incorporate probiotic and enzyme rich foods into your daily regime. As wise words once said… “Just Shut Up and Try It” and feel better for it. ;)



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