Reason #3 to love our Booch...

209cd1616394482142b9ce9baa9a4453 Give me an E, give me an N, give me an E, give me an R, give me a G, give me a Y What does that spell? ENERGY!!! These days it seems everyone is in need of more energy.  Unfortunately,  a quick go to is a cup of coffee, sugary drink or unhealthy snack. Kombucha is the original ENERGY DRINK and needs the recognition it deserves. Kombucha contains B vitamins which will support the body's many metabolic functions from the utilization of carbs, to the growth of healthy hair and nails, to healthy skin and OVER ALL ENERGY! The right intake of B vitamins will help to reduce stress, improve your mood and give your memory a boost. Kombucha also helps the body to detoxify which means your body won't have to work as hard on its own. This means more energy for you! Just Shut up and Try it...and let us know how you feel! email us to place your order:

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