Seriously, Just shut up and try it

Fermentation has been valued throughout history because it was used primarily as a way of preserving food.  By default, we learned over time about its nutritional and health benefits which can be dramatic and quite considerable. When ferments are done properly, they are HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS and packed full of vitamins and beneficial bacteria (or probiotics) we have started to hear more and more about.  This bacteria in all of our guts when happy and thriving, can have a profound impact on our health. However, our culture of immediate gratification needs to understand that this is not a magic bullet and will not heal nor prevent illness and disease overnight.  The consumption of fermented foods should be a part of everyone's HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and consumed often rather than in large quantities.  These foods in addition to exercise, eating well, reducing stress, getting enough sleep and living a grateful life with an open heart and mind, will work synergistically with each other.  It's all about balance and lifestyle. We have watched fermented foods help to REVERSE AND REMOVE both physical and psychological illnesses such as candida, weight gain, ASD, acne, depression, ADHD and allergies.  AMAZING! Fermented foods will boost your immune system, remove toxic compounds, enhance the nutritional value of the food, improve digestion...the list goes on and on. From Green tea Kombucha to our own sassy spin on Sauerkraut, we are excited to share what we have learned and created now with others.  As we have said it to our lovely, beautiful, wonderful yet stubborn children (and husbands) we are now ready to share with you... "Just shut up and try it".  You can thank us later. Enjoy!          

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