The cleansing truth

Ok, raise your hand if you’re on some sort of cleanse, detox or diet now that the fun and festivities are over. Ya, we thought so. We thought long and hard about publishing this blog post, fearing we might tick a few people off by adding to their "to do" list, but here we go. Neither of us have ever been very good about holding back.

Here is our 101 for cleansing in the New Year.

Avoid sugar, gluten, dairy and that’s it, right? WRONG. But before you stop reading, please hear us out. There are layers we want to touch on. Stay with me.

There are skeptics out there who don’t believe in a cleanse or detox and we believe it’s due to short cuts created to make the whole process a little easier. A true cleanse is not just about avoiding sugary foods and weight loss, it’s about giving your hard working organs a break and giving back, too.

Detoxification is an ongoing function carried out by our organs to excrete toxins from our bodies. 

These organs include:

Lungs (removal of carbon dioxide), Liver and gallbladder (bile excretion), Kidneys ( through urination), Colon (defecation or poop, if you will), Skin (perspiration).

Our liver however is the big cheese, breaking down toxins all…the…time.

With too many functions to list in this short blog post, here are a few:

Filters our blood, metabolizes dugs, plays a role in digesting fat, carbs and protein, stores vitamins and minerals, detoxifies heavy metals, pesticides, foods additives and breaks down our bodies hormones once they have done their part in our body.

(Important note here: if the liver isn’t working as well as it could, those hormones will recirculate causing  symptoms we unfortunately know too well: bloating, breast tenderness, PMS etc.

A sluggish thyroid (which will result in weight gain and fatigue) is also associated with poor liver function.

So, without continuing too far down the rabbit hole of the many functions of our liver here are a few tips to ensure a healthy and productive cleanse from top to bottom.

Starting with your bottom, there is a necessary process those in the health and wellness scene know as:

1. Opening Doors: What this means is prepping your body to rid the toxins you are trying to remove during your cleanse or detox of choice. (I will add here depending on the duration or severity of your cleanse, it’s best to work with a Naturopath, Nutritionist etc to help guide you in a safe and effective manner. 

a. Bowels are 1st. Are you pooping on a regular basis, so you aren’t re-absorbing the bad guys? Get that in check for sure, first. Fiber rich foods such as our sauerkrauts and Kimchi (plug, plug) will help to get things moving.

b. Kidneys: lots of water and green drinks (try a juicer!), Jun is great for this too.

c. Liver is 3rd: bitters such as dandelion (again great in a juice) and sulphur rich foods such as: eggs, garlic, coconut milk, legumes. Too many to list.

d. Skin: Sweat, dry brush, use a sauna etc.

e. Lungs: Deep breathing, exercise

f. Lympahtic System: Movement, rebounding or jumping on a trampoline is fantastic.


 2. Supporting Vitamins and Minerals: Just as we have to remove, we need to add back in as well to assist with the cleansing process:

a. Antioxidants such as: Vitamin C, which is found in all of our products, Vitamin E, Vitamin A etc.

b. B Vitamins (help to remove heavy metals) – Also found in our Jun. B12 helps with the flow of fat and bile to and from the liver.

c. Calcium and trace minerals (exceptionally high in our Kimchi), magnesium, zinc etc.

d. Keep it Real: Sometimes the removal of gluten and dairy invites their equally as not so friendly substitutes. Be carful when choosing your gluten and dairy free options and read the label. Too many ingredients can mean chemical sh*t storm. By keeping your diet real (ie: one ingredient being that food), you will not run into any trouble.

e. Keeping your sanity: Stressing out over this process will not do your body any good. Go slow, take your time and allow for slip ups and mistakes. Be kind to yourself and watch the stress.

f. Sleep!  

But in the end, as you see, what we have suggested in addition to your cleanse, diet or detox are basic steps you can work on all year round. Eat right, move, keep those elimination doors open and smile.

Here is to a healthy and Happy New Year, Friends.

Cheers to you.



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