To New Beginnings

Our calendar year is full of the potential for a new beginning. This time of year, many of us look forward to the 20th of March marking the Spring Equinox for another new beginning of our own.

The Spring equinox allows us the opportunity of a rebirth after a long, dark winter. This rebirth can look like:

- Starting a new project

- Getting back on a health and wellness regime

- Beginning a spring cleanse

The possibilities are personal and endless. It’s about fertility in every sense of the word and a balance of harmony. The days are getting longer, and the sun is getting warmer. It’s time to shake yourself off and try again or start something new. There is something so wonderful in just the idea of what could potentially lie ahead in every new beginning.  

For most of us, it’s about giving our body (specifically our liver) a little break after many nights of comfort food and wine through a long cold February. It’s the perfect time because just as our sleep patterns, eating habits and energy levels change our organs are ready for change as well. Spring has been said in many practices around the globe, to be the best time to detoxify the liver. 

So, with that in mind… Here are a few liver supporting foods you can eat to help with whichever cleanse you choose.

Cayenne Pepper: Stimulates your lymph system (Found in our Spicy Dill and Caraway Kraut).

Ginger Root: Moves the blood and helps your kidneys to eliminate toxins. (Found in our Ginger/Cin Jun, Kimchi, Kimchi Kids and Ginger/Turmeric Kraut).

Milk Thistle: Will protect your liver from toxins and help with rejuvenation.

Dandelion: Wonderful diuretic, try juicing.

Carrots: Help to increase the antioxidant capacity of the liver. (found in our Kimchi kids, and Ginger/Turmeric Sauerkraut.

Incorporating these foods (many rich in glutathione which help to remove toxins from the body) is an easy way to start. Try staying away from alcohol, processed foods and sugar. Drink plenty of filtered water, fruits and veggies and watch what happens.

You will notice an increase in your:

- Energy

- Skin

- Mental focus

- Digestion

Lastly, the spring equinox reminds us again of the importance of harmony with both hours of dark and light in balance. Enjoy all the things you love in moderation and raise a glass (of Jun) to the warmer months ahead.

Here’s to you and new beginnings. 

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