When the student becomes the teacher

IMG_0207 [61187] With mother's day approaching quickly, I have been thinking a lot lately about mothers and the things we do for our children. I am in constant awe of the sacrifices and strength I have seen my friends, strangers and my own mother display.  So hats off to you mommy's of the world.  I salute you. However, I am recently aware of how their little eyes are on us always and when we think they aren't listening, we should think again. Recently my partner told me a story which confirmed this.  Well that's a lie. This was already confirmed when I heard my six year old son not too long ago tell my seven year old son that a certain kid at school was a "little ***hole" for giving him a hard time.  It sounded vaguely familiar I should shamelessly admit but it warmed my heart that my little one was showing the older one alternative ways to cope. Anyway, I digress... My partners stomach had been upset recently, probably due to what has been going around this spring.  She was not herself that day but still going through the motions like all champion moms do to get herself and her kids through the day. Little did she know that her youngest sons eyes were watching and observing all day. He knew his mommy wasn't feeling well and remembered there was something she could do to feel better.  He looked up at her with his big blue eyes and said "Mommy, have some Kombucha, it will make your tummy feel better". Needless to say she had a "Eureka! my child gets it"moment. She hugged him and gave herself a pat on the back.  This little person understood that Kombucha is good for the gut and passed what he had learned right along. So again a salute to you mommy's out there. Keep it up! Because just when you think they aren't listening you will turn around and realize, that they are. Just Shut up and Try it!   student becomes the master

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